Hazardous Materials Field Screening Equipment Manual

Instrumentation for Emergency, Investigatory, and Remedial Response

hazmat equipment use for testing

The instruments described in this manual represent the current models that are marketed by a variety of equipment manufacturers and models that have been updated or discontinued but are still used by many Fire and Health HazMat agencies. The manual does not include those outdated and relatively unused equipment and also recognizes that new technology and instrumentation is a constantly evolving trend. Appropriate use of field screening equipment and environmental protection can aid personnel involved with a hazardous materials situation in determining potential or actual effects on public safety, the environment, immediate and long term risks to public health, actions to mitigate the hazards, and appropriate personnel protection equipment to be used.



Single Gas Meters

Single-Gas handheld meters are used to detect measurement of a known chemical in potentially hazardous environments.

Multi Gas Meters

RKI, MSA, GfG, RAE, MultiRae, Industrial Scientific, Sperian Biosystems, Honeywell

Field Gas Analyzers

Miran SapphlRe, Gasmet DX 4040 Portable FTIR, Smiths Detection HGVI

Solids & Liquid Analyzers

Thermo Scientific, Smiths Detection

Mercury Vapor Analyzers

Jerome Mercury, Mercury Instruments, Lumex, Genesis Laboratory Systems

Colorimetric Gas Indicators

Colorimetric, Draeger, Ion Science, MSA, Sensidine/Kitagawa, Draeger

Radiation Detection Meters

Ludlum, Fluke, Civil Defense Victoreen, Mirion

Hazcat Kits

Haztech Systems, Microcat/WMD, Hazcat Kit — Quick Tests


Lifeline Wireless Monitoring System