Instrumentation for Emergency, Investigatory, and Remedial Response

The California CUPA Forum (CCF) is an organization consisting of representatives from Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs) and Participating Agencies (PAs) for promoting consistent implementation of hazardous materials/waste regulatory programs. The CCF works cooperatively with Federal, State and local agencies, industry and members of the public to promote a single, united voice statewide for the handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials and waste. These local unified program agencies are mostly fire and environmental health organizations with a primary responsibility to inspect regulated facilities and enforce applicable laws and regulations. Hazardous materials emergency response is a component of this responsibility, especially in the more urban areas of the State. The need to have portable and reliable monitoring equipment is necessary for site characterization, initial identification of hazards present, and to ensure public safety during a hazardous materials incident.

Appropriate use of field screening equipment and environmental protection can aid personnel involved with a hazardous materials situation in determining potential or actual effects on public safety, the environment, immediate and long term risks to public health, actions to mitigate the hazards, and appropriate personnel protection equipment to be used.

This manual was compiled to provide a single source of hazardous materials field detection equipment useful for hazardous waste sites and incident response. This document is intended as a quick reference of equipment and specifications for use. The instructions contained within should not replace the manufacturers operating instructions for the device or equipment. Use of any device for hazard assessment and or identification requires a full understanding of the equipment's responses, limitations, and mode of operation. This document is also not intended to be a training tool for response personnel, but a quick reminder for someone who has received full and appropriate training to include operations, limitations, and interpretations of results. The instruments described in this manual represent the current models that are marketed by a variety of equipment manufacturers; and models that have been updated or discontinued but are still used by many Fire and Health HazMat agencies. The manual does not include those outdated and relatively unused equipment and also recognizes that new technology and instrumentation is a constantly evolving trend.

Funding for this Instrument Manual was provided through the CUPA Forum Environmental Protection Trust Fund, established to manage and disburse funds from enforcement case settlements. The document was compiled by Jeff Benedict, former City of Long Beach Hazardous Waste Operations Officer through document research; and consultation with local CUPA and fire department hazmat agencies, and equipment vendors. The project manager for the CCF was Division Chief Bill Jones, Los Angeles County Fire Department. Comments and suggestions may be directed to Chief Jones at or the CCF Manager Sheryl Baldwin at